If you think math is hard, try web development.

Brandon does web development.

I’m a Kansas City developer with 11 years of professional experience, currently working for Intouch Solutions as a Development Team Lead. I love clean code, and I try to keep solutions as simple as possible without sacrificing anything else.

I’m a natural problem-solver, I can easily break down technical concepts for non-technical people, and I can code just about anything on the front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as some back-end code (PHP, ASP.NET).

As a team lead, I focus on managing projects, resolving interpersonal problems, and mentoring employees. I still get my hands dirty with code and standards (I am a former technical architect), but I spend most of my time managing.

Code snippets can be found on my CodePen profile.

Brandon prefers these tools.

Tools I Use




  • Jekyll for compiling small projects to ultra-fast static HTML (read about it here)
  • PHP for small or medium projects that require server-side processing
  • ASP.NET for large projects

Brandon has soft skills too.

Other Skills

Do You Design?

Yes, although it’s been a while since I’ve done anything professionally (besides this site). My forté is development, and most of my professional designs belong to my previous employer, so I’m choosing not to highlight this, although I got my start in design and my skills are still sharp.

Any Leadership Skills?

I was a design manager for five years and a technical architect for two, and I’m now a manager again. I have a knack for mentoring and training others, and I’m a natural problem-solver, which works well in a leadership position.