Web developer, designer, and writer in Kansas City

Brandon is creative.

Hi, my name is Brandon, and I’m a Creative. By Creative, I mean I am creative, and I like to create things. I’m a web developer, designer, and writer living in the Kansas City area. I can usually be found tinkering around with one of my artforms, either trying to improve or trying to create something.

If you’re also a Creative (or a Techie!), I’d love to meet you. Shoot me an email or say hi next time you see me, because I love meeting new people. Also feel free to reach out over social media.

Feel free to reach out! Contact information is below.

Questions with answers…

Can I hire you for something?

If it’s full-time, the answer is no. If it’s short-term, part-time, feel free to reach out.

Do you do speaking engagements?

Yes, I do. Email me if you’re interested.

Could I sit down with you sometime and ask you about what you do?

Yeah, absolutely! I love chatting with others in the fields I’m in. Email me and we’ll see about setting something up.

Why is your website in static HTML?

It’s in compiled HTML. I used Jekyll, which uses a templating language and allows for page templates and variables, just like PHP. You can read about it here.